Is Crowdfunding Right for You?

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Do you have an idea, a cause or a product that you need money to develop? Not ready to go through the long process of a bank loan? To soon to consider equity share with angel investors? Struggling to keep your local, national or international cause funded?

Traditional market testing can be expensive and lengthy. However, now you can test your idea with as little as 3 months of preparation.

Nonprofit causes can find money without waiting months, even longer, for foundation grants. Deepen your reach into donor circles and find new donors.

Are you on a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) budget or prefer to learn the basics before trusting others to do it for you? You can have the best of both worlds by joining here and getting a kick-off consultation with me.

More than ever, you need to stand out from the crowd to be successful, and to do so requires a fresh look at your business. That’s what I do – help you gain clarity on just how you will best be successful crowdfunding. (If you just want to get it all done for you, visit Social Impact Marketing.)

So How Do I Get Started?!

money tree

“You can only pick from the money tree when you’ve taken the time and learned the right steps to grow it.”

I’ve discovered over many years of consulting that most businesses can use a fresh perspective, especially when considering a crowdfunding campaign. Unless either you have the time or staff who have the time to research and reflect, getting someone from outside of your organization can really bring new light and especially a person with specific knowledge of crowdfunding. That’s why I’m offering a free kickoff consultation to kickoff this website launch.

So here’s how to get started:

  1. If you haven’t already, watch the entire video above, please do. It truly does cover some crucial perspective on how others are crowdfunding and strategies you may not have considered.
  2. Email me at, and send me a link to your website with some additional information about your intent for crowdfunding. You can call if you prefer because that’s where we’ll end up anyway. I’ll spend up to an hour with you reviewing your options. ACT NOW on this because I won’t be able to keep this offer up forever.
  3. Buckle down to learn the first, foundational steps to online success as a free trial to the monthly membership. You’ll find the content open and available. Just click here to access it through this website, or download the audio PDF, ABCs for Crowdfunding Success, by completing this form.
  4. Both listen to the audios and read the content. The audios add info not covered in the written content. You may think this information is too basic, but “back to the basics” actually assures success. We’ll talk more about this when we set a time by phone. It’s to your benefit to have digested the ABCs book before the call to keep our time well-used.

Then, when we talk by phone, we can determine an action plan that makes sense for you. You may have the resources and knowledge to do it yourself (DIY) in which case, I highly recommend our Udemy lecture series. There’s a TON of information that will help you not only prepare a successful campaign, it will build the foundation for your long-term marketing success.

You will learn the 4 biggest and most common mistakes in crowdfunding. (It’s the “4” in Crowdfund4mula.) Get proven formulas and strategies including the secrets to successful crowdfunding campaigns.   Plus get connections with others in the same process, or better, organizations that can help assure your success.  Get your questions answered through carefully planned phone consultations with me, PLUS learn from people in our CrowdfundMagic Google+ community.

Best of all, build the foundation for long-term success.  Every campaign we’ve designed and managed has continued to bring in money outside of the campaign. Here are three as an example:

To access the full set of tutorials, get the membership level that makes sense for you. (See the chart below) Continue to work the steps, day by day. This course includes:

  • videos that teach core strategies and guide you through each lesson.
  • Very special tricks that only online marketers know to drive traffic.
  • PDF documents that list the steps and resources.
  • Pre, mid and post-campaign management tips to continue mining the gold beyond the campaign.

What’s in store for you?

  • Get your project noticed!
  • Did you know you already have a list? Yes, you do, and it can be the fuel for your campaign!
  • Discover Mistake #1 and how to avoid it all together.
  • Confused about platforms? Which to use? What about Mistake #2?!
  • Seeing is believing, and how to avoid Mistake #3.
  • Organizing for success.
  • Developing traction.
  • Social media tricks and tips you didn’t already know.
  • How to explode your exposure through Google.
  • Sassy yet catchy ways to grab attention.
  • Traffic generating methods that boost your business long-term.
  • Should you use PR and paid advertising?
  • Maintaining momentum and building long-term results after the campaign is over!

So there’s no reason not to get started now. Simply register and pay right now for complete access to all the modules immediately.

Get started now building the structure that will support your finding and mining the gold for your business.

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