Learn Crowdfunding Basics


The key to successful crowdfunding is in knowing the fundamentals of good online marketing.

Welcome to the first steps in successful crowdfunding and the basics for all online marketing:

  • Product definition,
  • Understanding your audience/market,
  • Developing compelling messaging.
  • Avoid Mistake #1 of the 4 crucial mistakes in crowdfunding.

Each of these topics has an audio that is important for careful listening.  Take notes if that helps you understand and retain the information.

In addition, you’ll get a written summary of the content, but not a transcript that shares every word.  This is why it’s important to listen as well.  We try to keep them short, less than 10 minutes, in respect for your time.  Then, if after listening you decide you already know that material, feel free to skip ahead.

In some cases, we will share resources from other online businesses and websites.  We do not believe in re-creating the wheel, and in fact, it’s good for you to become familiar with the various websites for the resources we share.  In all cases, you will find additional, valuable information by registering for their newsletters and publications.  Time and experience has helped us choose resources that have great content and are knowledgeable.

Welcome to the world of crowdfunding.  It requires dedication and focus to be successful, and we will be there with you to help you know the steps to take to optimize your results.  Access to the full set of tutorials covering pre-campaign, mid-campaign and post-campaign tools and knowledge requires membership…only $20 a month!  Click here to review membership details and join.

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