Step 4: Avoid Crowdfunding Mistake #1

So now you’re clear on developing your compelling, crowdfunding message by first thoroughly understanding your audience and then writing with compassion for their needs, drives and emotions. Now how do you connect with them?

The first crowdfunding mistake commonly made is believing that your audience is someone else “out there.” NOT TRUE! Believing the crowd beats a path to a better mousetrap is a myth. You need to depend on existing relationships to launch and support your campaign. Your primary audience for crowdfunding consists of people you already know, already have a connection to, and guess what?! You even have a mailing list whether you know it or not.

Listen here to learn about the first crowdfunding mistake and how to use your own email list you may not know you have:

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Before moving forward with today’s assignments, go back to Squidoo and CrushPath to search for other pages that have similar services or products to yours. See what their offers are and what their messaging is. This helps you to position yourself uniquely and to create compelling messages.

Now, step one, decide on your final email/autoresponder system:

  1. has a free service level as well as some paid levels.
  2. is a well-liked service and has a number of features. The basic service for a total database size of fewer than 500 people is $15 a month. Spend some time getting to know their various options.
  3. is another well-liked application. This is the one I have used for years. Their services are always expanding and are easy to use. AWeber is $19 a month with a $1 trial. (Be aware that I have my affiliate link for AWeber, and if you decide to purchase, I will receive a very small payment.)
  4. is a more robust system you may want to explore for just a little more at $37 /mo for the basic package.

Build your list:

  1. Clean your current email account:
      • Export your total email list into excel or comparable.
      • Upload the first 2000 names into MailChimp and create an email that says something like this:

    “Hi! I’m cleaning my email list to make certain that your address has not changed and that you still would like to hear from me from time to time. In fact, I have some news I’d like to share with you, but first, let me know if you’re still available at this address. If you are, you do not need to do anything. If you want to eliminate yourself from my list, simply use the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this email, and you will be removed from any future communication from me.
    Thanks for your help and I look forward to giving you my news, soon.”

    • Send this email to the first batch of 2000.
    • After 3 days, check for “hard bounces” and unsubscribes to remove from your list on excel.
    • Do the next 2000 addresses.
  2. Determine/design a free offer to get people to “opt-in” for your information.
    • Create a “how to” list of your own.
    • Find a particularly pertinent article on the web and give that away with FULL disclosure and credit for who wrote it. Add your own comments on it. (Use “Google Alerts” – – to find the latest information on your primary keyword)
    • Create a private community on Facebook or Google+ or LinkedIn. Get people to opt-in before inviting them to join it.
    • Use an affiliate product that you have permission to give away.
    • Make or find a video or audio of interest. Again be sure to give FULL disclosure and credit if you use someone else’s.
    • Use your imagination to find items of value to your target audience.
    • Surf the web using your primary keyword to discover what others are using for free give-aways and compelling offers.
  3. Create an opt-in form (web form) on your chosen autoresponder account.
    • First name your final list for crowdfunding
    • Under that list name, create a web form using the tutorial devices provided by the autoresponder service.
    • Either embed the opt-in on a web page of yours or use the autoresponder’s hosting service.
    • If you use their hosting, assure that your opt-in has enough information to assure sign-ups
  4. Create a series of emails in MailChimp to go to your clean list that includes the link to your opt-in page or form. This is called a campaign.
  5. Focus on having a compelling subject line that generates curiosity and is not self-serving. The subject line determines whether a person opens or dumps their email.

There are no screencasts for this because there are too many choices for autoresponder systems. You’ll have to use the tutorials for the system you choose to use. They all have good support and tutorials.

Avoid crowdfunding mistakes and get more answers to produce successful results.

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