Crowdfunding Message Webinar

Compassion is the Key to your Crowdfunding Message.

A compelling crowdfunding message is core to campaign success. Using compassion is the key…your compassion for the campaign viewer. All marketing, and therefore crowdfunding messages, convert more contributions when the message clearly understands the target audience. This is true for both for-profit and nonprofit. If you can walk in your “market’s” shoes, you can write a compelling message that attracts and motivates them to take action.

The crowdfunding message must balance the “ask” with your viewer’s needs and desires being equally met. Plus, your message must generate positive emotion including excitement, hope, pride and other feelings. Do NOT use sadness or pity. Always take the positive road. Unhappy emotions will bounce a person from your campaign. They’re looking for success, not things that make a person feel bad.

Although, this webinar was presented for crowdfunding nonprofits working with Global Giving, a top crowdfunding platform in support of international nonprofits, both for-profit companies and nonprofits will benefit from watching it.

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