Step 3: Develop a Compelling Crowdfunding Message

Start developing your crowdfunding message to capture your audience. Answer these questions to help you develop a compelling message:

  • Who are you, what do you do to help people and how.
  • Use your ideal customer profile to outline the difficulties they have had and why. Be specific and detailed.
  • What did you do when you had similar struggles? How did you resolve the difficulties?
  • What are your results and those of your clients?
  • How was it done in the past and how does that compare to the trends today and how you’re suggesting doing it from this point forward? (This is where you “position” yourself from a unique, modern perspective.)
  • Where have people made mistakes in the past?
  • What can be done right now to avoid those mistakes and make progress?

Write the answers down in a journal to keep your product, audience and messaging together and easily referenced to one another.

Talk with people who represent your target audience. Use this link to learn how to get 100 interviews quickly.

Download the spreadsheet below to start storing your passcodes and information about pages you create and social media.

Click here to download Passcode spreadsheet

Click here to view the webinar on building a compelling message.