Step One: Define Your Crowdfunding Project

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Listen to the audio to understand who we are and what the first, basic steps are for successful crowdfunding. Then do the following steps:

  • Research is always the first step. Click here NOW to get a free worksheet to step you through the questions to ask BEFORE defining your campaign. What you DON’T KNOW is key to your success. Don’t get stuck guessing. Find out now what you need to know to make your campaign a success. Click this link to get the free tool and together with the instructions you need.
  • Join Google+ if you haven’t yet. Then request to join our private Crowdfund Magic where you can meet each other, find accountability partners and collaborations.
  • Look in the left column of Crowdfund Magic for the tab that is special for Learn Crowdfunding. That’s where we’ll post specific to the training. However, you may find interesting people in the general discussion area.
  • Look for at least one other person’s post that resonates or connects or has something in common with you and your purpose for crowdfunding. Reply to their post and if possible connect as accountability partners. If they’re not currently signed up for Crowdfund4mula and simply in the general discussion area, suggest they sign up by visiting
  • In the community, ask your top 3 burning questions and share why you joined as a member of Crowdfund4mula.
  • If you know what your product is (physical product, service or cause), share it and how it is motivating for the “crowd.”
  • Fully understand what exactly it is you want to share on your campaign. Define your product or service and why it’s important:
    1. Why should someone buy it (or support it)?
    2. How does it benefit that person?
    3. What does the product or service do?
    4. What does it accomplish?
    5. How does it do what it does?
    6. What are creative things the buyer or contributor can do with it?
    7. In other words, how is it going to improve THEIR lives so they can achieve THEIR goals?
  • Make a list of your current social media, your number of followers, likes, etc on each one. On Step 2 we talk about audience and engagement.
  • The following documents are by Hubspot. Read these documents to help you understand Google+, and visit their website to get more valuable information.
    Click here to download Google+ Introduction by Hubspot
    Click here to download Google+ Marketing by Hubspot

    Click here to move on to Step 2.