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This material is simply not available in this depth for this low cost anywhere else. Even the crowdfunding platforms I’ve experienced do not have the detailed help readily available that this guidance has. You have to know who to ask and how to reach the right person and then wait for a reply. They try, but most platforms are pretty lean in staff and have limited time to develop in-depth training. I learned from my own mistakes even though I have over 30 years of marketing experience. So it didn’t take me long to figure out why the success rate for crowdfunding is so low, somewhere between 20 and 40% depending on which statistics you review.

The content is in order of suggested usage with one lesson typically building on the former. As before, we highly recommend you listen to the audio before skipping forward. We try to keep them under 10 minutes long to facilitate this. So go up and hover over this tab to see the dropdown for the remaining 11 lessons of content.

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